PRSA APR event speechSeminars and Workshops


SEO 101

During this introduction to SEO, you will learn:

- What is SEO and why it is important to your business.

- How SEO works.

- How much time and money you need to spend to achieve your SEO goals.


How to Build Your Business with Social Media Marketing 

During this workshop, you will learn:

- What you can realistically expect to accomplish with social media marketing.

- Which social media platforms will work best for your business.

- How to develop a social media strategy to maximize your ROI.

- How much time and money you need to spend to be successful.

- What it takes to be succesful on Facebook with their current algorithms.  


How to Increase Your Success with a Team Approach to Social Media

If your staff, time and budget are limited, this workshop will give you practical ways to get employees or volunteers involved to increase your success. 


How to Maximize Your Success with a Strategic Public Relations Plan

During this seminar, we will review the various functions of public relations and how to develop a strategic public relations plan to increase the success of your organization.


Individual Coaching

If you prefer to do your own marketing but need a little help getting started, we can jump start your success with professional recommendations and personalized training sessions for you or your employees. This option is a perfect choice for business owners or nonprofits who have a limited budget but have the time or staff to do ongoing work themselves.



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