Dollarphotoclub 81441025Email Marketing: Still a Smart Choice

While Facebook limits who sees your posts and social media is constantly changing, emails are guaranteed to be delivered to your target market and continue to be a mainstay in professional communication. This makes email marketing an important part of your long-term marketing mix. Businesses and organizations who invest in email marketing typically experience a number of benefits including sales generation, increased website traffic and improved top-of-mind awareness. It's also an excellent tool to establish yourself as an expert in a certain field. 

How can my business benefit from email marketing?

Depending on the type of business you own, email marketing can significantly improve your success in different ways. If you are a restaurant or retailer, you can send out coupons which will drive direct traffic to your place of business. For business professionals such as accountants, realtors or attorneys, an e-Newsletter will consistently put your name out there as someone who provides information that is relevant and valuable to their lives. They may not need your services now, but when they do, they will think of you first. E-Newsletters can also build customer loyalty with engaging contests or keep your clients abreast of changes in your services or office hours.

Don’t have time?
Many business owners are so busy operating their businesses that they don’t have time to implement an email marketing campaign. That’s where we come in. We can manage the entire process for you including the development of an editorial calendar, research, writing, design, production and distribution so you can concentrate on sales, operations and customer service. 


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