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Social Media Services

Engaging people through social media platforms is a smart way to promote your business, enhance your website’s SEO and build your reputation in the community. While many business owners enjoy doing it themselves, others are too busy or don’t enjoy working online. In these cases, e-Nuz can do everything from setting up the accounts to managing them on a monthly basis, as well as creating periodic special campaigns. For businesses who are already engaging in social media, e-Nuz can partner with them to develop new strategies, increase their efficiency and take their social media efforts to the next level.



 Account Set-Up 

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube


Monthly Services

Post planning & development

Digital ad management

Photo, graphics, video and infographic creation

Page monitoring & fan engagement

Analytics, reports & recommendations


Contests & Promotional Campaigns

Special campaigns to build your fan base, increase your engagement and drive sales.


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