Reputation Services


Crisis Communication Plan Development

 We will review your line of business specifically and develop a plan of action for how the company should handle crisis situations from a communication standpoint to minimize reputation damage. This includes defining a process and roles for press interaction, as well as a training session for leaders and employees. If there is a crisis which generates media inquiries, e-Nuz can serve as the main press contact and develop appropriate communication materials or press conferences to handle the situation.

Online Reputation Monitoring & Response

 We will monitor company mentions and online reviews and make recommendations for how to handle inappropriate, inaccurate or negative comments. If a customer leaves a bad review, we will work with the client to develop an appropriate, PR savvy response. We will also work proactively to obtain positive reviews.

For social media channels, we will monitor fan engagement and provide appropriate feedback to negative and positive comments to either diffuse the situation or build the organization’s relationships.

SEO Repair

In cases where a company’s reputation is damaged from bad publicity that impacts results in search engine rankings, we will work to combat inaccurate information and rebuild the rankings with positive ongoing, aggressive SEO efforts.

Corporate Reputation Building Campaigns

Most importantly, we believe that proactively building your brand’s trust with positive news and social stories in advance lays the foundation for weathering a crisis well. To do this, we will develop special campaigns focused on community outreach and corporate giving. As part of ongoing marketing efforts, we will develop creative ideas and positive messaging to be used in social media management and other marketing channels.